taught by Arupa Tesolin
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Arupa Tesolin
Arupa Tesolin
Intuition & Innovation Trainer, Consultant

About the instructor

Arupa is an innovation trainer & organizational performance coach who leads training workshops for teams and organizations. She is the founder of Intuita, a training company that helps organizations deepen their innovation experience and develop inner creative skills.

Arupa is the author of two popular innovation books, Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better and Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything (Order Arupa's books here - Ting, Spark & join the Ting! 2018 launch). 

"Intuitive MindWare is a set of intuitive processes I discovered during a creative nap years ago. It has amazing value as an intuitive creativity tool for innovation & personal insight. After seeing how transformative the results from early users were, Intuita MindWare became Intuita's first product and the reason I launched the company." 

"I was born with both deep insight and a strong analytical mind attracted to science. At 21 I became a college Bio-Science professor & discovered my natural ability to teach.

I spent many years developing and refining my intuitive abilities and taught both intuition development and meditation workshops as a sideline to my full-time professional management career.

I hope you enjoy these courses. 

I wish you a great adventure developing your intuitive skills and using the insights you receive."

Arupa Tesolin

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Intuitive MindWare is a creative thinking tool that uses an intuitive approach to generate insight. It is designed for thinkers who want to learn how to use their mind in a more intuitive way.

The basic premise for Intuitive MindWare is this. We become accustomed to using our mind is in certain ways, but it can be used in more creative and whole ways. Changing this by using new approaches can open up opportunities for better insights and improvements in how and what we innovate.

Course Contents

16 Videos
10 Texts
12 Audios
3.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Intuition MindWare Webinar
1. Nature Walk
2. Symbol in Motion
3. Animal Guide
4. Inside Outside
5. Talk to Me
6. Draw Me
7. Puzzle Up
9. Fish Hook
10. Hands & Shoes
11. Monsters & Heroes
12. Into the Future
Intuition MindWare Downloads - Audio tracks, Portable Learning Cards, Playsheet