Easy Meditation

taught by Arupa Tesolin
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Arupa Tesolin
Arupa Tesolin
Intuition & Innovation Trainer, Consultant

About the instructor

Arupa is an innovation trainer & organizational performance coach who leads training workshops for teams and organizations. She is the founder of Intuita, a training company that helps organizations deepen their innovation experience and develop inner creative skills.

Arupa is the author of two popular innovation books, Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better and Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything (Order Arupa's books here - Ting, Spark & join the Ting! 2018 launch). 

"Intuitive MindWare is a set of intuitive processes I discovered during a creative nap years ago. It has amazing value as an intuitive creativity tool for innovation & personal insight. After seeing how transformative the results from early users were, Intuita MindWare became Intuita's first product and the reason I launched the company." 

"I was born with both deep insight and a strong analytical mind attracted to science. At 21 I became a college Bio-Science professor & discovered my natural ability to teach.

I spent many years developing and refining my intuitive abilities and taught both intuition development and meditation workshops as a sideline to my full-time professional management career.

I hope you enjoy these courses. 

I wish you a great adventure developing your intuitive skills and using the insights you receive."

Arupa Tesolin

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Learn an easy way to meditate even if you have never meditated before. Reduce stress, be present & mindful & get creative space.

Course Contents

3 Videos

Course Curriculum

Simple Meditation
Practice Meditation 1
Practice Meditation 2